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Based in Montreal, Quebec, Face3 Media is a versatile, multilingual, design and development-obsessed collection of designers, programmers and marketing experts.

Sharing a loft with one dog (Sofia), our experienced team has, over the last ten years, worked with companies, sites and zines in a wide range of fields and platforms, creating websites, ad campaigns, music videos and more. We are truly passionate about media design and development and we offer a full range of related services, including high-end programming, content development and marketing.


In our East Montreal office apartment, our small team was initially focused on providing engaging and user-friendly Web design and marketing materials for print and web. However, we soon developed something of a reputation for business cards, branding, flash animations and intros for start-ups and small businesses.

Not long after, we had the chance to create the first website for Buffalo Jeans, which also involved filming website content and TV spots. We then branded the Artitalia Group, creating, in the process, a successful ad campaign for its three merged companies (Artitalia, Hemsley and IVC). This was followed by a well-received, unofficial video for independent art rock band Deerhoof, which we created with animator Alex Fellows, a longtime collaborator.

These early experiences led to design and development work with clothing companies (Buffalo Jeans, Moto Jeans and Underground Clothing) webzines (JoBlo.com, Comingsoon.net and PopMatters.com) and more (WhyComputerScience, Natart Furniture and Ruscio Studio). In that time, we have developed long-lasting working relationships with the JoBlo Movie Network and Evenko’s Osheaga and Heavy MTL music festivals, among others.

Now based in central Montreal, we have grown into an all-in-one design and development firm, with a wide range of services, professional collaborators and associates.

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