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Strengthen Your Brand with Playlists


Music plays a big role in creating brands. There is a reason why marketers put so much effort into creating memorable jingles for TV advertisements. Long after you forget what the ad was for, you find yourself humming the music or singing along.

But you can use music for more than just videos and TV ads. When a customer calls your business phone number and you put them on hold, what do they hear? Music. If you have an office or waiting room for customers, you can play music there as well. When you think about it, you’ll realize that music accompanies your brand everywhere.

You don’t always have to create custom music for your company. There are several places where you can use playlists of popular songs instead.

Benefits of Using Music Playlists

Most companies use bland, prerecorded audio samples for their on hold callers. Why not craft a custom playlist of songs that your customers will like instead? The right music can help calm down frustrated callers and make them feel better about waiting.

You can tailor the playlist to suit your audience as well as the situation. Suppose you want music for your next sales conference? Select high-energy music that makes people want to get up and do things.

Before you go about throwing a few songs together, consider what your customers like to hear. What does your company do and who is the target audience? A business that sells fashion clothing to teenagers will not have the same type of music as an electronics company.

For example, Dr. Jennifer Plotnick uses Spotify playlists in her waiting room. The staff can change playlists depending on the time of day or the patients waiting in the room. If your audience is older, go with classic hits for a hit of nostalgia. Younger customers will like cartoons and nursery rhymes. Who wants to listen to music they don’t recognize?




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