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How to Deal with Negative Feedback Online


Picture this: You’re just finishing up for the day, but before you head home you decide to check your social accounts one last time. Upon logging into Facebook, you’re shocked to see that a client has left your business a 1-star review. All businesses will need to deal with negative reviews at some point or another. While you try to please every client, how you deal with negative feedback makes all the difference.

How NOT to Respond

No one likes to be criticized – especially in a public forum like the Internet. A complaint can feel like a personal attack. But don’t take them personally. Don’t reply when you’re feeling angry or upset. Walk away and come back when you’re calmer. Remember you can’t always modify or remove your response once you hit the send button.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Apologize and explain

Sometimes, customers don’t care if you actually solve the problem. But they do care about how you respond to them. Always apologize to the customer if a product or service didn’t meet their expectations. If the issue is not something that happens often, explain why it did this time. Customers get angry when they don’t understand why something happened.

Fix the problem to their satisfaction

You can’t use the same approach to fix every customer complaint. Does the customer want a refund, replace the product or get a discount coupon? If you don’t understand how to resolve the situation from the customer complaint, ask them how you can make this better. At the end of the interaction, confirm that you have resolved the issue and make sure they’re satisfied with the solution.

Move it off-line

You can’t always resolve a problem in five minutes. Give them a phone number or email to contact your business. Solve the problem behind the scenes, as it were. Most people will remove the negative review on their own. If they don’t, you can always ask them to.

Negative reviews are like market research, except you’re not paying for it! Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

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