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Benefits & Unique Ways of Crowdsourcing Your Next Content Push


crowd at event

Crowdsourcing is everywhere these days. It’s a great way to get ideas and inspiration. But did you know crowdsourcing can help reinforce your content marketing initiatives too?

The wisdom of the crowd can help you create content faster, involve customers in the business, and get endorsements from real people.

Get results faster

You may never have enough time to create all the content that you’d like to. Why not involve your community for quicker results? ’77 Montreal struck gold by asking the fans to share their concert experiences.

The festival organizers wanted to create a database of past shows in order to become the go to resource for punk rock history in Montreal. While compiling all the needed information would have been a massive undertaking, it was made easy by enlisting the help of passionate punk rock fans.

Fans were asked to submit details on their favourite past punk rock concerts. Submissions were made through a custom platform built to collect band, venue, date, images and other info pertaining to the events. These passionate fans shared what they knew to provide a rich experience for website visitors.

Involve your customers

Crowdsourcing helped Heavy MTL & Osheaga promote their festivals to fans. They announced a challenge for local bike shops in Montréal to raise awareness and promote cycling to the festival grounds. The shops were tasked to build the themed bikes and evenko posted the finished results on their campaign site. Once all the entries were in, users voted on their favourites. At the end of the contest, a few lucky winners got to take home the bikes.

Showcase your loyal customers

Crowdsourcing is an amazing way to connect with your loyal customers. Invite your customers to send personal stories, pictures or videos for your site. That makes a better impression that generic posts.

Matt & Nat used this technique to good effect on their website homepage. Customers can post pictures of themselves with the company’s products on Instagram and tag them with #MNFindMeHere. The company features those photos on the website. Users can see the endorsements from ‘real people’ for themselves and it creates a sense of investment for loyal customers.

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